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Welcome to the internet home of me, BBBen, AIF game writer. If you don't already know, AIF stands for "Adult Interactive Fiction", which basically means erotic, text-based games, sometimes with graphics and/or sound. On this site you can find all my games, as well as a few other things. All the games are, of course, free.


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22 July 2016 - I've posted an update to my patreon page that you can read right now, featuring a picture of Kimiko! In it I discuss the current status of the game and what will be in the future alpha versions.

By the way, progress continues well and I've now got almost all of the voice acting either available to me or actually edited and in the game.

11 July 2016 - I'm back from my holiday (it was great!) and I'm getting right back into the work load. I have a bunch of Masami voice acting to work with now, so I'll be adding that soon as well as working on combat graphics. The game is getting closer and closer - I'm getting kind of close to having all the main features mostly done!

You might also notice I added links to AW Freyr and EFon's work above - those are well worth checking out. (I've also formatted this page a little differently for the sake of mobile devices.)

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