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Welcome to the internet home of me, BBBen, AIF game writer. If you don't already know, AIF stands for "Adult Interactive Fiction", which basically means erotic, text-based games, sometimes with graphics and/or sound. On this site you can find all my games, as well as a few other things. All the games are, of course, free.

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24 June 2016 - I'm going on holiday! Hooray!

Kim and Fumi at the lake

But while I'm travelling I'll be taking my new laptop with me and working on the game while I've got spare time. Also, I've made great progress lately, putting out another alpha version, 0.10.0. You can hear all about the latest progress in a new public monthly update here. (Plus a naughty picture.)

11 June 2016 - Here's a little update on the current state of Pervert Action: Legacy...

The most recent alpha of PAL is version 0.9.1, available to $10+ patrons (for now, but of course the finished game will be a public release). In this version the following features are functional:

  • Sex scenes mostly complete for: Fumi, Iku, Kimiko, Rio, Ai and one threesome combination.

  • Night service (nightly foreplay training) almost complete up to level 5 (just a couple of small gaps).

  • Combat system mostly finished - still needs some graphics.

  • Flirting and conversation systems largely done.

  • Plot complete up to day 20 (of 21 days), although some scenes still need graphics.

I have yet to implement, but hope to finish soon, the Masami sex scene, the other two threesome scenes, the story endings and the harem mode. Once those are done it's mostly a matter of filling in some gaps.

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