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Welcome to the internet home of me, BBBen, AIF game writer. If you don't already know, AIF stands for "Adult Interactive Fiction", which basically means erotic, text-based games, sometimes with graphics and/or sound. On this site you can find all my games, as well as a few other things. All the games are, of course, free.

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25 May 2016 - I've posted a new monthly update viewable by everyone, announcing my new project Let Me Out along with a preview image for the game.

22 May 2016 - It's been ages since I updated here, hasn't it? Well, I've had a good reason; I couldn't run my old Frontpage software any more and I didn't have or know how to use anything else. Plus this server wouldn't run Wordpress.

Anyway, just because I haven't updated recently doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I'll try to update here from time to time but I now make regular updates over on my Patreon page and daily remarks on my Twitter feed @BBBenAIF which you can read on the widget to the right. My Patreon updates are once monthly for everyone and I do a weekly update that is for $5+ patrons. All of those updates include graphics from the games to make them more interesting, so check the public ones out even if you're not a patron.

Frankly this website is old and clunky and I've been wanting to replace it with something flashy and new, but that's too much damn work. I can't spare the time to learn any special web design tricks right now. Oh, but I still monitor the comments section below on a daily basis so you can keep using it!

The latest for now is that Pervert Action: Legacy is in an advanced alpha state - alpha v0.9.0 to be precise. Most of the voice acting is done, I've programmed a majority (but still not all) of the sex scenes and the game systems largely work, although there are still some major features not implemented, like the endings and the elaborate new harem mode.

I've also now achieved a major fundraising goal and added a new project to my schedule: Let Me Out! I'll be releasing more info about that soon.

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