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CW3 SF References


In Crossworlds Part 3 – The Final Far Far Away Frontier I referenced and took inspiration from (for which read “plagiarised”) a variety of science-fiction sources. Just for fun, while playing the game you might want to keep an eye out for them. Below is a list that is (I think) comprehensive for all the references and inspirations. Possible spoilers are below, so don’t read on if you haven’t yet played the game.

The first two come in the title of the game, “Final Frontier” being from Star Trek and “Far Far Away” being from “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” in Star Wars. The reason I didn’t put the comma in was because commas in ADRIFT game titles makes the save game cease to function.

Next, the interior of the Penetrator as well as the uniforms of its crew are modelled on Star Trek ships. Also, Officer Lucy Price was modelled (in my head) after Tasha Yar. The Star Trek influence is pointed out in Debbie’s room, but I think it is obvious that the teleporter and the hologram room are inspired by the matter transporter and holo-suite from Star Trek.

When using the panel in the hologram room, the default options listed are "50's Jazz Bar" (a reference to Star Trek: The next Generation) and "Irish Village" (a reference to Star Trek: Voyager).

Several things in the game are "mega" or "hyper" versions of things in the real world. This is a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

The “Xpress lifts” in the Penetrator are taken from the elevators in Red Dwarf.

If you examine the Penetrator from inside it, you will get a reference to one of Morpheus’ lines in The Matrix.

The three planets, Dorellia the city planet, Wendor the forest planet and Shoth the Ice planet are inspired by locations in Star Wars: Hoth, the ice planet in The Empire Strikes Back; Endor, the forest moon in Return of the Jedi; and the developed world of Corellia, which is Han Solo’s home planet.

The drug “jet” is taken from the computer game “Fallout 2”.

Some elements of the character Garret and the circumstances surrounding Slave were inspired by episodes of the sadly cancelled show Firefly.

When you rub Janey’s three breasts, the two of you say a few lines from the movie Total Recall.

Vibro-swords may not be in any of the Star Wars movies, but I believe they are from the Star Wars universe.

When you strip with Debbie she says, “Running hot_sex.exe” which is a little reference to certain computer filenames, as is probably rather obvious.

There are a number of more vague or obvious references like the design of the laser pistol (and the writing down the side) or the hentai-style tentacle sex with Lin. If I’ve missed anything, point it out to me with derisive laughter to illustrate how superior you are to me, and I’ll update this file.


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