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Pervert Action: Legacy

too long; didn't read: New Pervert Action game in development featuring hot maids.

Synopsis: The third game in the Pervert Action series. As master of a mansion in a remote valley, it is Kenji's job to train up his "battle maids" in housework, combat and the arts of love...

I don't want to release too much information on projects that are currently far from getting a release, but it also seems worthwhile to mention this one since it's now occupying my AIF time. I have started writing it, done a lot of design work and a fair bit of multimedia work, but it's still a long way from being ready. Nonetheless, there's a good chance that if I'm not posting anything it may be because I'm working on this.

I will say that I'm trying to mix up the formula a little bit so that the gameplay feels fresh while still keeping what worked about the previous titles. The combat system in PAF will be developed and expanded, while relationship gameplay will be a little bit more diverse. The sex scenes will likely be a little shorter, but also more fluid and more numerous. I'm consistently trying to improve the standard of the graphics in the series, and additionally this one will have larger images than in past.

Release date: Not close. Stay tuned and I may release the occasional character poster to whet your appetite.

Collaboration: Super Pervert Action: Crisis is the most collaborative project ever in the history of AIF, and Pervert Action: Future is pretty high on the list too. Therefore it's only natural that there would be other people contributing to this new project. I've spoken to a couple of voice actors who will hopefully be returning to lend their talents to this game; Phinn, who worked on the images of Super PAC, has got involved to work on images for PAL; and Another Wannabe, writer of Bad Sister, has volunteered to contribute text.

Voice acting: That's absolutely the plan! I intend to get in voice actors I've worked with before, although because some won't be available there will likely be some new people too.

Graphics: Phinn and I have already started work on them. More info on that topic will be coming eventually, but one small detail is that we'll be using larger images this time, for a bigger on-screen impact. Where the old images only take up a corner of most screens, these will take up more like half the screen (that's the plan, anyway).

Comments or questions? Leave them in the comments section on the home page.


PAL character profile: Iku

Iku is a good girl. She is naive, earnest and extremely loyal to her master. She follows the “code of the maid”, an Art of War style series of teachings on how to be the perfect maid. A very proper young lady, Iku has a rather old-fashioned and prudish view of sexuality, which makes her a little naive about the role of a maid as outlined in the code.


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