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Create a Fembot

The following is a thread I wrote for a choose your own erotic adventure site called "CHYOO". It was part of a broader story called "Create a Fembot" that I did not start, but this thread is independent and fairly self-explanitory. The concept is that you are able to design and order your own sex robot. This specific model is a girl, aged 20, petit with blue eyes and black hair that ends just above the shoulders. She is innocent, and believes she is coming to work as your live-in maid.



You waited impatiently all day for the package to arrive. Finally, in the late afternoon, it did. You brought the package inside and opened it up, to reveal a very cute young woman. The detail is perfect, her shoulder-length brown hair, her petite frame, her youthful looks, now all you have to do is start her up!

You turn her on and she stands up and stretches, apparently not noticing you. She is wearing only her basic, regulation, unflattering, one-piece track-suit that the factory put her in. Despite her covering clothes, you admire the suggestions of her curves as she arches her back and pushes her backside out.

She looks around and notices you, then immediately pulls her arms back and blushes. She smiles at you shyly but can’t keep your gaze.

“H-hello, s-s-sir!” she says, “You must be my new b-boss.”

The program is working perfectly, she seems to genuinely think that she has come to work for you as your live-in maid.

“Yes,” you reply, too impressed to make much conversation.

“M-my name is S-sally,” the girl says, “Is there s-somewhere that I can p-put my things?” She asks, gesturing towards the bags that came with her, containing her clothes and possessions. Her cute little stutter makes you want to take her here and now, but perhaps it would be more fun to seduce her.

Tell her where to put her things or take her right now?

Tell her where to put her things

“You can put your things in there,” you tell her, pointing toward the room you prepared for her. If everything goes as planned she will probably be moving into your room before too long, but for now, you may as well play along.

“Th-thank you, sir. I’ll go get set up. Can I get undressed in there?” after saying this she puts her hand over her mouth and blushes furiously, realising what she’s said. Her innocence is fantastic.

“Yes, your room is private,” you tell her. You put a comforting hand on her shoulder, wanting desperately to move it all over her but holding back, and she smiles gratefully at you.

“I’ll g-go get ch-anged then, and then I’ll get to work on cooking your dinner, sir.” she says.

“Thank you,” you say. She picks up her bags and walks towards her room, while you make your way to the couch to watch some television and consider what you’ll do with your new toy. As she leaves, you notice Sally sizing you up, surreptitiously staring at you. She sees that you have noticed her and blushes again, hurrying into her room. This is going to be fun, you think to yourself.

A short while later, you hear her humming a sweet little tune in the kitchen and you go in to see what she is up to. She is going through the cabinets and taking out food and cooking equipment. She is now wearing a floral dress cut quite high around the legs. She has brushed her hair so that it flares out at the bottom, so that she looks a bit like Selphie from Final Fantasy 8.

“Oh, hello, s-sir,” she says when she notices you, “I’m just looking for things to cook f-for dinner. Th-there’s not very m-much here, but I think I can come up with something.”

“Yes, I haven’t gone shopping in a while, I’ve had other things on my mind.” You say, though in reality it was just because you couldn’t be bothered.

“Oh, that’s all right, sir! I’ll go shop-ping tomorrow. Y-you can’t be expected to do
everything, that’s why you got me!”

If only she knew why you really got her, you think. “Well,” you say, “Don’t let me interrupt you.”

“Oh I d-don’t mind sir,” she says in a shy voice, “I’d l-love to talk some more while I cook, if-f you don’t m-mind of course.”

She looks up at you hopefully, in a heart-melting way.

Talk with her or not?

Talk with her

You chat for a while, telling her about yourself, and listening to her own story. She seems to have been programmed with memories of a real life, she grew up in a small town, her family lives in another country, and there is a strong sub-text that she has never had a boyfriend. She is eager to hear anything about you that she can, and she laughs at all your jokes. When she bends over to get a pot, her dress pulls up and you get a good look at her cute pink panties caressing her soft but firm bottom.

She cooks up a delicious pasta dish and serves you a large helping, and a rather small one for herself.

“Are you sure that you have enough?” you ask Sally, being polite.

“Oh, y-yes, sir. I’m cooking for you, I don’t need very much. I’m not a big, strong man like you.” Her eyes widen again with embarrassment at what she said and she looks down.

“Well, thank you,” you say. You don’t bother pushing the point on how much she eats, as she doesn’t need food anyway.

“Where should I eat, s-sir?” She asks.

“Well, I’d like it if you would eat with me in the living room. We could watch some TV.” You reply.

“Th-thank you, sir, I’d like that very much!” She jumps a little with happiness at the suggestion and wears a big grin on her face as she carries the food out to the living room. According to the manual, Sally should respond normally to alcohol and other behaviour affecting substances. You take a bottle of wine and two glasses into the living room with you. You sit down next to Sally on the couch and pour her a glass of wine. The two of you sit and eat the delicious meal Sally has cooked, watching the news. You take every chance you get to peek at her exposed legs and her pretty face. The wine seems to go to her head rather quickly, and soon she has relaxed a great deal, giggling sweetly whenever you make a flirtatious remark.

She kicks off her sandals and pulls her feet up on the couch, leaning into your side. You casually put your arm around her shoulders and you hear a cute little intake of breath, but soon she settles into your arm and lets her hand rest on your leg. You notice that Sally isn’t wearing a bra, it’s not like her little body has much to support, but her nipples are pointed out, straining against the flimsy fabric of her dress. You switch onto an evening movie, it’s a racy thriller and when a fairly steamy sex scene comes on, Sally starts to get flustered. You catch her sneaking glances at you and her breathing starts to feel heavier against your arm. Her hair smells heavenly and you feel your resolve start to weaken. Perhaps now would be the time to make your move?

Make your move now?


“Sally,” you say, and she looks up at you with her big, blue eyes. You lean in and kiss her gently on the lips. She gasps as you do, but does not resist you. After a moment she starts to gently kiss you back, uncertain of what to do but eager to please you. You let your hand wander down her side to her thigh, then round over her the curve of her ass, covered by her slightly fluffy panties. Her hands move to hold onto your shoulder and shirt, desperately trying to hold herself up as she submits to your kissing and groping. You move your other hand over to her chest, feeling her small tits under her dress. When you gently prod her hardened nipples, she squirms under you, her sensitive body overwhelmed by the sensation.

“Oh, s-sir,” she says, “My goodness, I... wow.”

You kiss her again and you feel her giving herself over to you completely. You begin to kiss her down the side of her face, then the soft, smooth skin of her neck. She lets loose little gasps with each kiss, and her breathing is getting so heavy that you would be concerned about her getting hyperventilated, were she not a robot.

“Sir... ohh... yes, yes, aahhh...” She gently moans as you let your hands start to wander underneath her dress. One hand you bring up to her small breasts, gently tweaking her right nipple, the other hand you slip inside her panties, exploring the crack of her buttocks. For all you paid for this magnificent creature, you’re starting to think that it was a real bargain. You slip your right hand lower and begin to rub her extremely wet pussy. You stroke the lips and her back arches against your arm. Her grip tightens on you and she starts to move her pelvis against your hand. It doesn’t take long at all before you feel her start to climax from your gentle stroking, her moans sometimes catching in her throat, other times escaping as high-pitched gasps and near squeals. Her juices dribble down your hand and her tensed muscles relax beneath you. Her eyes, shut from the sensations open again to gaze at you lovingly. You bring your fingers, wet with her juices, up to her mouth and she gently sucks them clean for you.

“I th-think I just had an orgasm!” She says weakly, “I want to make you happy sir, so... if y-you don’t mind... I mean, if you w-want to... I’d like you to be my first. I’d be very grateful if you would take my v-virginity.”

If there had ever been the slightest chance that you would refuse her, her pleading eyes would have totally stripped away your resistence.

What now?

Take her to the bedroom

You pick Sally up and carry her into your bedroom, lowering her into your bed. You pull off her dress and panties, then take off your own clothes in front of her. She is clearly getting excited again, and looking at her petite, naked body with the sparse pubic hair around her cute little pussy is making you wild with desire. You position your cockhead against her waiting slit.

“Are you sure about this, Sally?” You ask. She nods vigorously in the affirmative and stares at you imploringly. Without any more words, you slide your cock into her warm, wet, and incredibly tight opening.

“Oh, my!” She shouts as you gently push deeper. Once you are fully inside her, she smiles weakly at you, “You’re filling me up.”

“Are you ready for me to start moving?” You ask.

“Y-yes, please!” She says, and you are happy to oblige. You begin to pound her tight pussy and Sally’s screams of pleasure fill the room. With all the waiting and the excitement of the foreplay, and with Sally’s incredible sensitivity, you are both close to climax.

“Sally, I’m going to come!” You tell her.

“Yes!” She shouts, “Fill me with your love!”

With that you can hold out no more, and release a huge load into her pussy. She comes at the same time as you do, and for a blissful moment you are tensed in ecstasy together. When it is over, you roll over to the side and she snuggles into your arms. You drift off to sleep with her gently cuddling you.


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