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Pervert Action: Future

A hentai themed game - a hybrid of eroge dating sims, visual novels and AIF including English voice acting, 3D images and animations!

Get the game here.


 1.2  01/2013  246 MB Reviews Kind of defunct nowadays, since nobody gives awards to AIF any more!

Pervert Action: Crisis

A hentai themed game including voice acting! Kenji has been hired to teach at an exclusive girl's school on Grey Island, where no man has stepped foot for 30 years. Kenji will soon discover that this mysterious job is more to do with strange events taking place on the island and the murder of a teacher than it is to do with teaching.


Download Pervert Action: Crisis here.

Download the game file only, no install instructions included, here.

Unlike the other games here, this game runs in Adrift 4.0, and the runner is included in the zip file with the game.

 1.0  06/2011  49 MB    
CW0 - The Girl Next Door: The prelude to the Crossworlds series. This game combines the old preludes, Sleep Over and Janey's Diary, as well as adding some extra content. You are asked to chaperone your neighbour's daughter as she has friends around for a sleep over.  1.1  09/2006  182 kb Score list  
CW1 - Normville: The Crossworlds series begins. Explore your neighbourhood in the town of Normville, enjoy yourself with Janey, Debbie and Lin and perhaps others too, but beware, as your whole world is about to be turned upside-down.

Temporarily down.

 Gold  02/2004  131 kb Walkthrough  
CW2 - The Flower Opens: In a bizarre turn of events, you now find yourself in a world of swords and sorcery! Accompanied by Janey, Debbie and Lin, the four of you must take up the mantle of adventurers, in order to save a kingdom and somehow find your way back home!

Temporarily down.

 1.1  03/2004  164 kb Walkthrough
CW3 - The Final Far Far Away Frontier:  Crossworlds continues... in space! Reality distorts once more, putting you, Janey and Lin in another new world to be explored. Strange alien women and sex robots await you.

Temporarily down.



 218 kb Walkthrough
CW4 - Scream For Me: In this, the finale of the Crossworlds series, the threads of the story so far all come togother. Your whole reality is thrown into question, and your relationship with Janey seems to be in peril, not to mention your life.

Temporarily down.

 1.0  02/2007  370 kb Walkthrough
Normville High: In Normville High, a story unconnected to the Crossworlds series, you are a young man about to graduate from high school. This game is a short teen romance story with a porn ending. Runs in Adrift 3.9.  1.1  04/2004  64 kb  Review
A Goblin's Life: Written by Burnout, with programming and a little bit of writing by me. You are a worthless little goblin, charged with a task to prove yourself to your clan. A beautiful warrior maiden will give you the opportunity, whether she'd like to or not. Runs in Adrift 3.9.  1.0  05/2007  183 kb  

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