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Here are links to some web sites that might interest you on the subject of AIF.

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- A. Bomire is a highly acclaimed AIF author, and his site also hosts a variety of features, including his 2004 mini-comp. I can't remember who won that competition, but I'm sure whoever it was he was a handsome devil. Why not find out for yourself?

AIF Central - A collaborative blog about AIF, stepping up to take over where the Inside Erin newsletter left off.

AIF Masterlist - This list is a catalogue of all the AIF games ever made, and where to find them. Want to find a game? Look here.

Adrift - This is the ADRIFT site, though they do not seem to have the 3.9 runner still available for download. If you want to get it, AIFCommunity.org has it.

Adrift Yahoo! Group - Here is a Yahoo! group from which you can download the 3.9 interpreter (I think - I haven't checked it for a while).

AIFCommunity.org - This is the parent site of my own site. It is an archive of everything AIF.

AIFGames.com - This is the best non-Yahoo centre for AIF currently available, and it's getting more comprehensive all the time. It has a fairly complete archive of all the AIF games ever made, as well as a forum and several other important features.

The AIF Archive - This Yahoo! group has an active forum and most new games can be downloaded from here. This is a good place to go to ask for game hints and help with puzzles, and is one of the major centres for AIF.

The AIF Archive 2 - This is an extra group created to make more archive space for the original group.

Another Wannabe's Writing and Games - Blog for Another Wannabe, AIF author.

- The home page of Inside Erin, the AIF newsletter. Most good!

EFon's Smashwords books - EFon is working on Pervert Action: Origins, his ebook choose-you-own-adventure story of the origins of the Pervert Action storyline. You can find his writing here.

- Each year the Adult Interactive Fiction Awards (or "Erins") are given out to the best authors and games of that year. It's a very important element of the community, and I happen now to be the co-ordinator of the awards.

Palmer's AIF Chronicles - A blog by Palmer, AIF author.

Phinn's Overflow - A blog by Phinn, AIF developer and image designer, who worked on Super PAC.


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