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My thoughts on my games

A Goblin's Life - Okay, so I didn't really write this one. I just programmed it, and arguably the programming was the main problem with the game. Actually, check that, I did write a little bit of the sex in the game, and the reason was that the game was not going to be complete in time for the mini-comp deadline for which this game was being written. I don't really blame myself for not getting the game polished up properly for the mini-comp, it wasn't so much a deficiency in my work as it was a lack of testing; with such an intricate little game we needed to do a lot of testing but with the time constraints we were under (much of the game was written and thus programmed at the last minute), we only had time for a very brief, incomplete test by one tester. With more work and polish I think players would have had more understanding of the cool features Burnout (the main writer) had written for the game, and would have been more free to experiment without getting frustrated. I don't know if it would have won the mini-comp, but I think it would have fared a little better. Still, 2nd place is pretty good!

Crossworlds Part 0 - The Girl Next Door: Because this was mostly a re-release game (containing the content of both the original games The Sleep Over and Janey's Diary as well as a new lesbian sex scene between Jessica and Susan) the game never got too much attention, but I actually feel it is probably the hottest game I've written. The Sleep Over section is the biggest sex scene I've ever written, and in fact was (I think) the first one I ever finished. The game Janey's Diary was, I felt, never entirely understood; it was basically an expansion pack to The Sleep Over and I only realised years after release that the game would make more sense if it was simply incorporated into over-arching story of The Sleep Over. Once I did this it seemed natural to me to also expand on the story of Jessica's video and continue the theme of living out these discovered moments.

Crossworlds Part 1 - Normville: I now feel that this game was, all things told, a little unnecessary. Originally it was supposed to introduce all the important characters in the Crossworlds series, but now with Part 0 available (and, I think, rather better), CW1 is a bit underwhelming. There are a couple of points that I think are good, however; I think the interactions between the player and Debbie and Lin are good (the vulnerability Debbie shows in her sex scene is nice), as well as some of the content with Jessica (though her sex scene is too abruptly terminated to be fully satisfying). The game is necessary in a plot sense only because of the discovery of the paddle and because of the ending, which kicks off the reality changing elements of the series.

Crossworlds Part 2 - The Flower Opens: Though many of my skills were still a bit underdeveloped, I feel that this game was certainly one of my most successful. In particular I was pleased with the way I integrated the sex into the story and with what I felt were some very successful sex scenes, in particular the ones involving Cora, Debbie and Tabitha, and Lin and Diana. I intend to go back and tweak this game a bit for a "gold" edition one day, which will expand on a number of the sex scenes (I'd like the player to be able to assfuck Cora and Diana, for instance).

Crossworlds Part 3 - The Final Far Far Away Frontier: This game was a step forward for me in terms of technical development and puzzle design, but had been delayed by several disastrous data-loss incidents and I lost interest in the project half-way through. Added to that problem was the fact that I don't think the idea was as fundamentally interesting as part 2, so not everything quite worked. I have some regrets that I didn't come up with a better plot for this one, and some more interesting sexual situations; I kind of expected the exotic sexual elements of aliens, robots etc. to carry the game, and though it still kind of works, I think I could have done better.

Crossworlds Part 4 - Scream For Me!: This game was very difficult to finish, pretty much because I'd become thoroughly bored with the series by the time of this final instalment. Also, it was bigger, more complex and more sophisticated than the previous ones. It came out quite a while after the first one, but I still think it actually turned out okay. I think that the early sections might be just a little bit boring, but that the game really gets rolling about half-way through when the player gets to the "Lisa" sex scene. Some players found this scene frustrating, but I still think it's a good achievement, and after that comes the content that I developed much more recently than the earlier stuff, which consequently benefited from my greater degree of experience. The thing that I personally think is best about this game though, is the ending and the final sex scene; I think that plot-wise the ending ties up the story of the game and the series very nicely, and the final sex scene with Janey (one of my less popular characters) managed to be one of the hottest and most fun sex scenes I've written, reinventing the Janey character while at the same time staying consistent with the original conception of her.

Normville High: This game won A. Bomire’s 2004 AIF mini-comp against some very stiff competition, so I can’t help but feel satisfied with it. A. Ninny described the game with words to the effect of: “a salve for adolescent bruises” or something thereabouts, and I think that’s appropriate. In terms of motivation for characters to get together, I feel this is my best game. It's a little unpolished compared to some of my recent work and I also feel that it doesn't quite stand up compared to the complexity that mini-comp games often demonstrate, but it worked out fine for me, so I'm not complaining.

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