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Other Stuff

Here I will put anything that doesn't belong in the other sections. This page has become a little redundant as I tend to just publish stuff in the newsletter these days, but I'll keep it up anyway.


Gallery - Images contributed by other people!

AIF Improv: Mt. Olympus - This is a "live AIF" thread on AIFGames.com that I worked on for a little while. I had to drop out of it because of difficulties finding the time to work on it.

Interview for Inside Erin - I was interviewed by A. Ninny for the AIF Newsletter Inside Erin in August 2005. This is the published text of the interview.

Create a Fembot - This is a transcript of an erotic story I wrote for a choose-your-own-erotic-adventure site called Chyoo. This story was part of a larger story called "Create a Fembot". I wrote this before I started writing AIF.

My thoughts on my games - Here's what I think about my games.

CW3 SF References - Here is a list of most of the little science-fiction references I made in Crossworlds Part 3. It might be interesting to keep an eye out for them. Then again, maybe not.

"Talk to x" vs "ask x about y" - This is an article of mine expressing what I think about the different conversation command styles used in AIF.

Story in AIF - An article on some of my thoughts about storytelling in AIF.

Non-linearity and Choose Your Own Adventure - An article about non-linearity in AIF.

The SSS - Stripping - The first part of a three part article on the SSS.


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