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Pervert Action: Future

PAF box art, front and back.

Pervert Action: Future is set over one hundred years in the future in the isolated Sirius star system, at a training facility for pilots of giant robots. Despite appearances there is more to this space station than just an experimental weapons program. Kenji, the first male to ever qualify for the program, will find himself manipulated into becoming the instrument to harness a dark and unholy power. Pervert Action: Future is an AIF/hentai hybrid adventure set on a space station filled with giant robots and beautiful women. The game includes voice acting, pictures, music and animations.

You can download Pervert Action: Future v1.2 for Windows here:

Mirror 1
Mirror 2

If you use a Mac or other non-Windows system you can get the blorb version here: mirror 1 and mirror 2. Note that this version needs to use runner software. The Adrift 5 runner can be found on this site. Or you can use other runners, but please be aware that runners such as Gargoyle generally don't show the multimedia.

This game is copyright and cannot be sold or distributed without my permission.


Comments on the game are extremely welcome! Go to the front page for the comments section. Without feedback I won't be interested enough to make any more games.


This is the first teaser trailer:


Here's the second "Chiemi" trailer:

And a screen shot to give you an example of how the game should look:


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