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The SSS - Stripping

By BBBen

A critical element to the SSS is the stripping system. The way that characters remove their clothes is dealt with in a variety of different ways, again varying from author to author. The stripping system of each author seems to be different from the next, with perhaps some exceptions in the case of TADS games that use the same libraries. Authors will tend to pick and mix between different elements, and often I am sad to say it is pretty confusing as to what is required. Often in less polished games it seems like the author doesn’t really know what system they are using themselves.

The most detailed approach is to make every item of clothing on the NPC an object, and make them each individually removable. Then a variety of sexual acts (usually just the more basic ones like “rub tits”) will be possible in a variety of states of dress and undress. This system will often also require items of clothing to be removed in a specific order or for certain acts of foreplay to be conducted before clothes can be removed (like in Rogue Cop, where you have to “lick panties” before you want to remove them). This can be used as a ‘game’ element, potentially adding a small level of challenge to a sex scene.

Sometimes an author will have clothing removed in the course of sex, so that a player would “rub tits” on a fully clothed girl, and she would then remove her blouse in the course of the resulting action. Another variation on this idea is simply having the players get naked automatically when the conditions are met to start the SSS. For instance, you give the girl a pencil so she can finish her homework, and so naturally she wants to sleep with you. As soon as you give her the pencil you get a description of the two characters stripping off.

The way a PC’s clothing is removed varies and can be mixed and matched as well, so that the command “strip” might remove all the PC’s clothes but none of the NPC’s clothes, or the PC may have to remove their clothes piece by piece, or possibly it may not even be an issue. Also, the NPC may have to be ordered to remove their clothes, and you cannot do it for them, as in “betty, remove papier-mâché hat”. In some detailed games you can choose between having the NPC remove their clothes, or removing them yourself.

Generally once the PC is naked he/she cannot go outside, but in many cases this rule is not applied, particularly if the player’s clothes are not described and are not items. Sometimes there are fairly complex rules regarding clothing and where you can go, and other times it is more or less assumed that you don’t care what the PC is wearing.

I am generally trying to avoid saying “here’s what I do…” but in such a confused and pluralistic case as stripping I think I have to. The system I use is to have a simple command of “strip” to remove the clothes of both characters at the same time, and “dress” to return them. The clothes are not simulated as separate items, but rather each character is treated as having two states – clothed and naked – and the descriptions of characters are based on those two states. The player cannot leave the room while undressed, but generally can get dressed and undressed at will without ending the SSS. I preferred this system both as a player and a writer because it was clear and straightforward, and also because I personally don’t find the stripping sequence all that engaging. Nevertheless, many players and writers consider it one of the most critical parts of an SSS.

What system an author uses is really down to how much focus they want to put on the stripping process, how much realism they want to include in the game (how “simulationist” they want to be), and how straightforward they want the process to be for the player. I would suggest that the most important thing when determining what stripping system to use is consistency and clarity. Don’t assume that the player is going to know haw to strip, and don’t make it too guess-the-verbish.

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