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Super Pervert Action: Crisis

Super Pervert Action: Crisis is about a young man who gets hired to be a teacher on mysterious Grey Island, where no man has been allowed for many years, but he soon finds that there is more to this job than he expected. Super PAC is a re-release of Pervert Action: Crisis an AIF/dating sim/hentai hybrid adventure, but this new version is crammed full of new images and animations, in addition to the voice acting that featured in the original. A few gameplay tweaks have also been included in response to player feedback. Many of the new images were designed by Phinn, whose work you can also check out here.

You can download Super Pervert Action: Crisis v1.0 for Windows here:

Mirror 1

If you use a Mac or other non-Windows system, or if you're having trouble running the .exe you can get the .blorb version here: mirror 1. Note that this version needs to use runner software. The Adrift 5 runner can be found on this site. Or you can use other runners, but please be aware that runners such as Gargoyle generally don't show the multimedia.

If you like this re-release you should also check out the sequel, Pervert Action: Future.

Some people have reported a bug where the game will not run unless ADRIFT 5 is installed. If you encounter this bug, just install ADRIFT 5 from here.

This game cannot be sold or used commercially and cannot be distributed without attribution. It is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.


Comments on the game are extremely welcome! Go to the front page for the comments section. Without feedback I won't be interested enough to make any more games.

And a screen shot to give you an example of how the game should look:


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